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We practice all over the San Francisco Bay Area, in Silicon Valley, in the East Bay, the Peninsula, and Marin. We specialize in civil litigation involving real property, intellectual property, professional liability, employment law, and complex business disputes. We fight in court. That's what we do.

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Our practice focuses on a wide variety of real estate disputes: battles over commercial leases, disputes with Bay Area cities over land use and building permits, and even neighbor to neighbor controversies. We have defended and prosecuted real estate agents and architects for malpractice; we have tried lawsuits and prosecuted arbitrations involving acrimonious neighbors; we have gone toe-to-toe with some of the most aggressive city agencies in the country, the San Francisco Planning and Building Departments over building and demolition permits. And won.

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The Labor Code in California is one of the most complex areas of law in the nation. Our firm has successfully resolved numerous discrimination and retaliation actions. Of special interest in Silicon Valley, is the eminently complicated question of whether a worker is properly classified as an employee or an independent contractor. Our attorneys have extensive experience in taking these “misclassification” cases to trial.

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We do media law. We do entertainment law. Our clients are filmmakers, video game designers, app coders, writers, artists, and creators of all kinds. We specialize in copyright litigation, the law of fair use, trade mark controversies, and fights over business trade secrets. We have a record of successful litigation, arbitration, and dispute resolution in this area. One of our named partners is a documentary filmmaker. We understand what it takes to defend intellectual property.

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Lawyers make mistakes. Accountants make mistakes. Real estate brokers make mistakes. We hold professionals accountable. Our attorneys have worked for some of the nation’s biggest professional liability defenders. Now we bring that knowledge to the plaintiffs’ side, prosecuting malpractice cases big and small. We know how to settle these cases and we know how to win, from the inside.


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