A law firm
with the end-game in mind.

In the 1980s blockbuster film, Wargames, we learned that no one "wins" a nuclear war. The lesson never translated to the world of litigation where far too many lawyers still believe that to convey toughness, every conflict needs to "go nuclear." But smart tacticians know there is more to winning than simply the opposition's losing.

Our vision for successful litigation is different. We believe in the end-game strategy, one that evaluates costs and benefits, where winning is determined by our success, not just mutually assured destruction.

Downward arrow

You can't get to your end-game without a few skirmishes.

We fight in the courts. We fight in arbitration. We fight before the administrative agencies. Sometimes a lawsuit has to go to trial in order to get resolved. We do that too.

We litigate all over Northern California, in the San Francisco Bay Area, in the East Bay, in Marin, the Peninsula, and Silicon Valley. We have even appeared in California Courts as far away as Napa, Sacramento, and Los Angeles.

Shall we play a game quote from the movie Wargames.

Real Estate. We handle a wide variety of real estate disputes: breach of commercial leases, litigating building permits or demolition permits, real property sales gone-wrong, neighbor to neighbor battles, and landlord/tenant brawls.    
Employment. The Labor Code in California is one of the most complex in the nation. Employment law an the law of labor misclassification (are you a contractor or are you an employee) is one of our specialties.
Intellectual Property. We do media law. We do entertainment law. Our clients are filmmakers, video game designers, app coders, writers, visual artists, and creators of all kinds.
Professional Liability. Professionals make mistakes. We hold them accountable. Our specialties include litigating attorney malpractice lawsuits, prosecuting and defending accountants and CPA for professional negligence, and real estate agents and brokers for breach of fiduciary duty.


Our attorneys have been educated at the nation’s top law schools, trained at big law, and battle-tested against all variety of opposition. We are familiar with the Bay Area Courts in San Francisco, Alameda, Santa Clara, Marin, and Contra Costa where we litigate regularly. We are licensed and experienced in the state superior courts, and the United States courts for the Northern District and Eastern Districts of California.

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