Lawyers make mistakes. Accountants make mistakes. Architects make mistakes. Real estate brokers make mistakes. We hold professionals accountable. Our attorneys have worked for some of the nation’s biggest professional liability defenders. Now we bring that knowledge to the plaintiffs’ side, prosecuting malpractice cases big and small. We know how to settle these cases and we know how to win, from the inside.

Real Estate Brokers and Agents

California law requires sellers in the vast majority of residential real estate transactions, to disclose known defects in writing. Cal. Civ. Code § 1102. One of the most common errors made by real estate brokers and agents is to fail to make a proper disclosure. Mandatory disclosures include revealing the presence of lead paint, a death on the premises less than three years prior, id. § 1710.2, pest infestations, drainage issues, encroachments, easements, neighborhood noise, boundary disputes, bad neighbors, and lawsuits affecting the property. Id. § 1102.6.

Accountant Malpractice

In general accountants get sued for two categories of mistakes: either they make a mistake in preparing tax returns, or, in performing an audit they failed to catch a fraud or embezzlement. Mistakes in preparing tax returns can usually be remedied simply by amending the returns. Audit errors, however, present a more challenging case. Jurors tend to sympathize with clients not the accountants. And since many of the actuarial issues presented at trial are hopelessly obscure, technical, and boring, jurors will often default to finding liability against a CPA simply for lacking charm.

Architect Malpractice

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